So you're wondering, what exactly is a VPS and how and how would it benefit me? Why would I need one? Does it differ from regular web hosting? Fear not; here you'll find all the information you could possibly need!

VPS / VDS - the basics

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and can sometimes be referred to as a Virtual Dedicated Server too. A VPS gives you the same freedom as a dedicated server in many respects. You get guaranteed physical server resources in a private "container" which holds all of your VPS data. VPS server hardware nodes host multiple containers, all of which are completely isolated from each other and cannot share the resources or information of another container.

So what does all this mean? Simply, you get a guaranteed share of hard disk space and RAM (memory) in a private container, which will host the Operating System of your choice. A VPS can give the same performance as a physical dedicated server and sometimes can exceed the power of a dedicated server. So when you purchase a VPS, you're getting dedicated server-like performance for a fraction of the cost.

Why would I need a VPS?

From a web hosting perspective, there are many advantages of using a VPS over regular web hosting packages. For most customers, a VPS would give each web site a greater share of resources, so if you have busy web sites with lots of traffic or a very large web site that needs lots of power, a VPS is ideal. A VPS server also makes a perfect upgrade from a reseller hosting package. You'll get complete flexibility over your server config, packages, resources, accounts and how much you oversell your service.

A VPS can also be used to host services such as game servers, VoIP servers & gateways, file backup systems, database servers, DNS servers, FTP servers, seedboxes, and much more.

How reliable is a VPS?

A VPS is just as reliable as a physical dedicated sever. The advantage of a VPS, however, is that it can be moved to a different host node to allow for quick & easy upgrades and to help combat hardware failure. are known for their industry-leading uptime through rolling out the latest technologies and thoughtful programming innovation. Get a VPS from today from just £6 per month!