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8GB SSD VPS - high performance cloud-based VPS servers

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Our 8GB SSD VPS is a large, high performing server ideal for running demanding applications. Whether you run busy online community, a high traffic Magento store, or you're looking to add a MySQL or web server to your virtual cluster this VPS is ideal for you.

8GB SSD VPS features

8GB guaranteed RAM

100% guaranteed RAM, with absolutely no overselling on our platform

2 vCPU cores

your VPS gets 2 dedicated vCPU cores at 2GHz+ speed

40GB RAIDed SSD storage

40GB of blisteringly fast SSD storage space included

10,000GB high-speed bandwidth

your monthly bandwidth quota on a high-speed 100Mbit port

cPanel & WHM available

cPanel & WHM - ideal for hosting web sites - available for just £10 /month

99.9% uptime guarantee

all VPS servers covered under our 99.9% uptime guarantee for guaranteed reliability

Deploy in the EU or US

choose from two diverse locations to help you get close to your visitor core

Self-managed, or fully managed & supported

for a small fee our fleet of 24x7 support staff can manage your VPS for you

just £20 per month! order now

VPS servers powered by...

Webuzo by Softaculous

We've teamed up with Webuzo to provide one-click virtual appliance templates like Wordpress, Magento, Joomla and more. Get your favourite app up and running in minutes, without the manual installation!


All VPS servers are provisioned on the powerful VPSnodes.net VPS platform, ensuring reliability and scalability whilst guaranteeing fast performing servers, always.

VPS host node

Typical host node server specs:
  » 2x Intel Xeon 10-core CPUs
  » 256GB Quad-channel RAM
  » 8x 480GB SSDs in RAID
  » 10Gbit network uplinks
  » DDoS protection