The reseller control panel, otherwise known as Web Host Manager (or WHM for short), is probably the most advanced and powerful hosting control panel in the world, yet so simple and efficient to use. Within this panel, resellers are able to control all aspects of their clients' hostng services, such as creating and editing accounts & resources and providing support to their clients.

Server Configuration

Fully Managed Server Fully managed server
since reseller hosting accounts are hosted on a server which is fully managed by ourselves, you have limited access to this area in the control panel

Nameserver Configuration NameServer Configuration
allows you to use your own external nameservers should you wish


Customer Contact Center Customer Contact Center
allow your clients to contact you regarding problems with their hosting


Locales Change locales
change the language of the control panel - useful if you have foreign clients

Cluster / Remote Access

Setup Remote Access Key Setup Remote Access Key
use this feature to integrate billing systems (like HostBill) and purchase SSL certificates

Server Status

Server Information Server Information
see the size and speficiations of the server your accounts are hosted on

Service Status Service Status
displays the status of each of the services keeping our servers up and running

Account Information

List Accounts List Accounts
view a list of all your hosting accounts wthin the reseller package

List Parked Domains List Parked Domains
if your clients have parked domains for later use, they will be displayed here

List Subdomains List Subdomains
displays a list of all sub-domains your clients are hosting

List Suspended Accounts List Suspended Accounts
shows a list of accounts that you have suspended (or suspended for non-payment)

Search Accounts Search Accounts
useful if you are searching for domains/accounts of a specific customer

View Bandwidth Usage View Bandwidth Usage
disaplays the bandwidth usage for each account/domain you have hosted

Account Functions

Create Account Create Account
this is where you'll add new clients and domains

Force Password Change Force Password Change
when clients have forgotten login passwords, reset them here

Modify Suspended Account Page Modify Suspended Account Page
if you'd like to use a custom 'branded' account suspended page

Skeleton Directory Skeleton Directory (advanced feature)
allows you to change the default files copied upon account creation

Suspend / Unsuspend an Account Suspend / Unsuspend an Account
allows the suspension or unsuspension of client accounts

Terninate Account Terminate an Account
close a client's hosting account & erase all their data

Upgrade / Downgrade an Account Upgrade / Downgrade an Account
change a client hosting account to have bigger or smaller resources

Web Template Editor Web Template Editor
easily edit default account pages & account suspended/moved pages


Add a Package Add a Package
allows you to create a default resource allocation template package

Delete a Package Delete a Package
quickly delete a resource allocation package you've created

Edit a Package Edit a Package
change the resource allocations of a package you've created

DNS Functions

Add a DNS Zone Add a DNS Zone
allows you to map a domain to an IP

Delete a DNS Zone Delete a DNS Zone
gives you the ability to erase any DNS zones you've created

Edit a DNS Zone Edit a DNS Zone
edit DNS zones you've created (including domains you host)

Edit a MX Entry Edit a MX Entry
change where each domain's e-mail is sent to

Add a DNS Zone Add a DNS Zone
allows you to map a domain to an IP

Edit Zone Templates Edit Zone Templates
edit the default zones that are created automatically

Park a Domain Park a Domain
park a domain you've bought but haven't yet got a web site for

Reset a DNS Zone Reset a DNS Zone
if a DNS zone is broken or you'd like to start afresh

cPanel Features

cPanel Branding Manager cPanel Branding Manager
change the default cPanel theme to one with your company logo or information

Change Log Change Log
shows you what has changed or been added since the last cPanel update

Shopping Cart Reset Shopping Cart Reset
reset a shopping cart of a cPanel client account

Synchronize FTP Passwords Synchronize FTP Passwords
attempt to resync and repair FTP account authentication problems

SSL / TLS Features

Generate a SSL Certificate and Signing Request Generate a SSL Certificate and Signing Request
set up an account for purchasing an SSL certificate

Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain
allows you to install an SSL certificate to a cPanel hosting account

Manage SSL Hosts Manage SSL Hosts
edit and delete SSL certificates, and share an SSL certificate between clients