Xagga Hosting has its servers spread accross 3 data centres, each of which in a different country. Each data centre boasts hundreds of gigabits of reliable network connectivity, N+1 cooling capacity, N+1 UPS units, diverse fibre links, and high powered diesel generators that can power the data centre in case of a grid outage. The core network of each of our data centres is powered by mirrored routers and switches for ultimate speed and reliability.

Gravelines and Roubaix, France

OVH data centres - our primary facilities

  • Largest dedicated server host in Europe with 220,000 servers
  • 3000Gbit/s worldwide network with unbeatable uptime and DDoS filtering
  • Environmentally friendly, 'green' outdoor air water cooling system
  • 15 self-owned data centres around the world (12 in EU)
  • Technical support staff present in the data centre 24/7/365
  • One of the most certified secure companies on the planet

325 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, New York

ColoCrossing - our secondary facility

  • ColoCrossing operate a state of the art facility in New York
  • 100Gbit+ backbone network backed by multiple Tier 1 networks
  • Top-class Liebert redundant N+1 Chlorodifluoromethane cooling system
  • Huge up to 23,000 square feet facility dedicated to hosting
  • 24*7 on-site network operations, technicians and security teams
  • ColoCrossing is a private, profitable company operating since 2007

Nuremberg/Falkenstein/Vogtl, Germany

Hetzner Online - backup and failover facilities

  • Hetzner own and operate over 10 data centres in Germany
  • Huge 280Gbit+ network capacity via over 10 transit providers
  • 100% green electricity for minimal CO2 footprint
  • Energy efficient "free" cooling by using filtered outdoor air
  • Staff on-site 24/7/365 to assist with any hardware or network issues
  • Continuous security monitoring of all premises via CCTV