All hosting accounts are powered by the cPanel control panel. cPanel is the most advanced, yet easy to use web hosting control panel on the planet. It boasts hundreds of items and features to make administering your web site(s) and e-mail accounts a doddle.

E-Mail features

E-Mail AccountsCreate & edit e-mail accounts
using the account manager, and also control inbox quota size

SpamAssassin SpamAssassin
helps filter out those unwanted annoying e-mails from your inbox

Auto Responders Auto Responders
send back automated e-mails instantly to anyone who e-mails you

Webmail Webmail
access your e-mails from any computer with internet access

E-Mail Forwarders Forwarders
forward e-mails from one account / address to another

Mailing List Manager Mailing List Manager
create a list of contacts & e-mail them all in 1 click

File Management features

Backup Wizard Backup Wizard
backup your entire web site, e-mails & databases

File Manager File Manager
upload files from computer to web space, and vice versa

Web Disk Web Disk
set up a virtual drive in Windows linking to your web space

Disk Space Usage Disk Space Usage
view your web space usage & your largest files

FTP Account Manager FTP Account Manager
create & edit FTP accounts, locations & quotas

Statistics and Logging features

Latest Visitors Latest Visitors
see the date & time of the last 300 visitors to your site

Bandwidth Monitor Bandwidth Monitor
shows how much of your transfer limit you've used

Awstats Awstats
an advanced feature showing graphs of your visitor stats

Error Log Error Log
ideal for debugging any errors in your scripts

Security and Protection features

Password Protected Directories Password Protect Directories
keep private parts of your site locked away from the public with a password

IP Deny Manager IP Deny Manager
block individuals (such as spammers) from accessing your web site

Hotlink Protection Hotlink Protection
helps prevent others "hotlinking" images from your site into theirs

Domain and Sub-Domain management

Subdomains Manager Subdomains Manager
create & edit sub-domains and their redirect locations

Addon Domains Manager Addon Domains Manager
add additional domain names to your web space (if purchased)

Parked Domains Manager Parked Domains Manager
redirect additional domains to your main web space (if purchased)

Redirects Manager Redirects Manager
allows the shortening of long complex links to short links

DNS Zone Editors DNS Zone Editors
an advanced feature allowing you to control core aspects of your domain

Database management

MySQL Database Manager MySQL Database Manager
shows all of your databases and allows you to control them

MySQL Database Wizard MySQL Database Wizard
allows for quick and simple creation of new MySQL databases (if purchased)

PHP MyAdmin phpMyAdmin
control, edit and backup your MySQL databases

Web Site tools

CGI CenterCGI Center
add useful features to your site like guestbooks & visit counters

Site Software ManagerSite Software Manager
one-click installer for software like Wordpress, Mambo, OSCommerce + more

Optimize Website Manager Optimize Website Manager
allows you to "compress" pages so they load faster for users

Image Manager Image Manager
quickly change the size & format of images on your site

Custom Error Pages Custom Error Pages
control the page people see if they hit an error or follow a dead link

Cron Jobs Manager Cron Jobs Manager
set up scheduled tasks (advanced feature)

Network DNS Tools Network DNS Tools
check the status & path of your web site's DNS set up for any errors